Desktop Computer Upgrades & our Dust Buster Service

A choice of simple computer upgrades for desktop PC are available. Adding PC memory, upgrading graphics cards & hard drive upgrades all significantly upgrade PC performance. It is the bread & butter of any PC repair shop & we do it cheaper.

Our expert data transfer service also ensures hard drive upgrades go better than found elsewhere. We strongly recommend regular PC servicing to ensure all dust inside is removed before your fans clog, frying the motherboard.

If your motherboard dies (or fries) we can hunt down an old one on Ebay to replace it. Upgrading a CPU, the chip or Central Processing Unit, available if your motherboards permits it. We do all types of PC upgrades. Give us a try & save some money.

Upgrading Laptops & Refurbishment

Only upgrading the ram in a laptop is easier than on desktops. So much so our laptop offers often recommend it as the base step in our configuration service. Laptop CPU upgrades also offer a cost-effective upgrade, but only for older models after the laptop processor prices fall. We never knowingly recommend upgrades which are a false economy.

Other laptop upgrades are more akin to refurbishment, with parts in difficult places requiring polished skills to reach. Visit our laptop repairs page for everything from hard drive upgrades to broken screens repair to extend your laptop's life wisely.

Want to meet up with other upgrade fans keen to share their experience?

Join in our PC entrepreneur Meetup & explore the options to achieve the best upgrades possible with your budget.


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