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On site IT support can be expensive & computer technician imperfect. Not so with Computer Repair Harrogate which started as an I.T. hobby as part of Beck PC in 1999. Central to a Harrogate computer repair business is providing skilled laptop repair & cheap data recovery & data transfer. All possible with just simple hardware tools, but requiring many years of experience.

Ready to buy a new laptop, new desktop PC or considering a second hand computer? Then our Beck PC is the site to visit.

Antivirus protection & getting rid of virus or rogue software has never been more vital to locking fraudsters away. Computer Repair Harrogate CALL-OUT CHARGES for both Home & Office visits is just £30. The 45 minutes free on site time is enough to treat most malicious infections or other computer problems.

Computer support also offers a personal computer (PC) technician to visit & solve broadband Internet connections. In addition to install wireless network for you. Slow Internet connections can be a sign of malware or just a faulty broadband router.

Laptop repair in Harrogate, trade-in & upgrade

Computer Repair Harrogate sources new or second-hand parts on EBay to repair laptops & save money. Laptop screen repair fees at under £40 are the cheapest in Harrogate. Everything from new battery & keyboard replacements to full refurbishment is much cheaper with our careful use of Ebay to buy replacement parts. We share those cost savings with you via our EBay buying parts service charge. We also offer you a trade-in exchange value for used or broken laptops against service costs.

Fixed upgrade discounts

A choice of simple computer upgrades are available & we do it cheaper than any PC repair shop. For example £12 to upgrade RAM & £20 to upgrade a hard drive for a laptop or desktop PC. Our service charge discounts for upgrading RAM & hard drives save you buying new. As part of that, check out our famous Vacuum (with micro set) servicing of PC & Laptop for £22.

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