Data Recovery Services

Recovering hard drive failure is a stressful experience. Cheap data recovery is possible with some basic hardware tools & years of experience. Any PC or laptop returned to our lab is prepared for emergency data recovery before virus removal, a common cause of lost data. Apart from where a full "head crash" occurs, laptop data recovery & data rescue is quick, easy & surprisingly cheap.

Talk to our data recovery specialist about our best local data recovery services before you spend a fortune elsewhere. We like to think your full file data recovery is as important to us as it is to you.

Data Transfer Services & Recovery Plans

Data recovery plans & document transfer always work best when a clear priority is established for files & programs. That is to transfer to new computer or transferring data after a hard drive disk repair without carrying across the junk! After years of expert data recovery & successful data transfer we can recommend our best data transfer service plan available to you.

Move to a new computer & our data transfer rates are very reasonable. Trust in Beck PC when preparing to transfer from one PC to another or considering if to retrieve data from a failing or dead hard drive.

Prefer to learn more on recovery services & reliable data transfer?

Join our PC entrepreneur group in a Harrogate Meetup & learn about the professional techniques we use.


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