Get Internet Connection & Broadband Help

Internet providers usually offer inadequate IT support for slow internet connections. One reason is a slow Internet connection can be a sign of PC virus or malware. Arrange a home visit if your internet connection is slow & we can check speeds on our own equipment & ensure your antivirus protection is working.

If your PC or laptop needs upgrading to deliver a faster internet experience, we will recommend the best options to you. Experience also shows switching Internet providers, as a last resort, fixes slow internet connections in some cases. Internet service problems can also be commonly traced to faulty Broadband router which after working so well goes "on the blink".

Our home & On Site IT support brings with them the experience & equipment to solve most broadband connection problems as quickly as possible. We also offer new internet installations .

Wireless Internet Connection

Internet connection problems on wireless device give all but the expert a headache. For a new wireless internet installation we can recommend what equipment you buy direct from online retailers. Most wireless internet problems are caused by faulty configurations or poor wireless equipment. From experience our experts install wireless internet correctly using a mix of technologies most suitable for your home or office at very affordable rates.

Want to meet wifi & wireless internet warriors in friendly surroundings?

Join in our PC entrepreneur Meetup & discuss the broadband bandwidth revolution with the experts.


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